The Essential Bogosian
Paperback, 240 pages ISBN: 9781559360821Publication Date:
4 Jan 1995
Size: 204mm x 130mm£19.99

The Essential Bogosian

By Eric Bogosian

Paperback £19.99

A collection of work by Eric Bogosian, one of America's leading performers and most original playwrights.

This volume contains three of Bogosian's one-man shows, Funhouse, Men Inside, Drinking in America, and the stage play Talk Radio, which was subsequently filmed by Oliver Stone.

Press Quotes

'Outrageous, arresting and... horribly entertaining'

The Times

'Mr Bogosian has crossed the line that separates an exciting artist from a cultural hero. What Lenny Bruce was to the 1950s, Bob Dylan to the 1960s, Woody Allen to the 1970s - that's what Eric Bogosian is to this frightening moment of drift... I know of no one else like him in pop culture right now'

New York Times
Paperback,240 pages ISBN: 9781559360821Publication Date:
4 Jan 1995
Size: 204mm x 130mm£19.99

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