Humpty Dumpty and other plays
Paperback, 256 pages ISBN: 9781559362511Publication Date:
1 Jan 2007
Size: 203mm x 130mm£21.99

Humpty Dumpty and other plays

By Eric Bogosian

Paperback £21.99

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Three plays from one of the most singular and exhilarating commentators on American life.

In Humpty Dumpty (2f 3m), five friends gather for a holiday at a mountain getaway where unforeseen events bring them to the brink of the end of the world.

Griller (4f 5m) is set in a New Jersey backyard, where a barbecue gathering turns sinister and deadly.

Red Angel (1f 1m) is based on Von Sternberg's The Blue Angel, reset on a college campus in 1990's New England.

Press Quotes

'Stephen King with a dollop of Lord of the Flies'

New York Times on 'Humpty Dumpty'

'Bogosian's a born storyteller with perfect pitch'

New York Times on 'Griller'

'Rambunctious energy and rebel spirit. Bogosian's wit is as venemous as ever, his material more devastating and polished'

New York Daily News on 'Red Angel'
Paperback,256 pages ISBN: 9781559362511Publication Date:
1 Jan 2007
Size: 203mm x 130mm£21.99

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