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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
Paperback, 120 pages ISBN: 9781559362023Publication Date:
15 Aug 2002
Size: 205mm x 130mm£12.99
First Staged:
Jane Street Theater, New York 2000

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

By Eric Bogosian

Paperback £12.99

A monologue by a master of the art - 100% pure high octane Bogosian.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee is Bogosian's meditation on making it to the top of the ladder and falling off. Once again the author offers a blisteringly funny take on the chaos and alienation of post-modern life.

Press Quotes

'Bogosian hasn't simply crossed the line of good taste, he has snorted it'

The Daily Texan

'Bogosian is there, watching out for the downtrodden, ridiculing the arrogant rich, defending battered wives and neo-hippie hitchhikers and never losing sight of his own capacity for being classed among the batters and bullies... But his 95 minutes is as fast and exciting a read as the theatre community offers'

Village Voice

'His wit is as venomous as ever, his material even more devastating and polished than before'

New York Daily News
Paperback, 120 pages ISBN: 9781559362023Publication Date:
15 Aug 2002
Size: 205mm x 130mm£12.99

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