Notes from Underground
Paperback, 176 pages ISBN: 9781559361422Publication Date:
1 Aug 1998
Size: 215mm x 137mm£14.99

Notes from Underground

By Eric Bogosian

Paperback £14.99

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Two of cult American performer Eric Bogosian's most unsettling works: Notes from Underground and Scenes from the New World.

Notes from Underground charts, in diary form, the life of an urban recluse who desperately wants to belong to society but instead inhabits a hell of his own creation.

In Scenes from the New World, one of Bogosian's first plays, a narrator participates in three dramas set variously in a seedy city replete with winos, whores and thugs; a trendy restaurant; and the office of a wheeling-dealing talent agent.

Paperback,176 pages ISBN: 9781559361422Publication Date:
1 Aug 1998
Size: 215mm x 137mm£14.99

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