The Gospel at Colonus
Paperback, 76 pages ISBN: 9780930452940Publication Date:
1 Feb 1990
Size: 216mm x 137mm£12.99
First Staged:
Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn 1983

The Gospel at Colonus

By Lee Breuer

Paperback £12.99

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Inspired by the faith at the heart of African-American Christianity, Lee Breuer and composer Bob Telson have transformed the Oedipus story.

Writing at the end of his own long life, in Oedipus at Colonus Sophocles depicts his doomed hero's final hours; at the moment of his death the aged Oedipus is free at last. Envisaging this meditation on mortality as a rousing service in a black church, Lee Breuer has created a remarkable text based on Robert Fitzgerald's splendid translation.

'I've been in a lotta shows in my life, and I've thought a lot of 'em were pretty good, but this is a masterpiece' - Morgan Freeman

Press Quotes

'a triumph of reconciliation, bringing together black and white, pagan and Christian, ancient and modern in a sunburst of joy'

Paperback,76 pages ISBN: 9780930452940Publication Date:
1 Feb 1990
Size: 216mm x 137mm£12.99

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