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Unsuspecting Susan

A monologue play about a middle-aged woman whose adult son has converted to Islam.

Published in volume Singular Female Voices


    A courageous and convincing play that sensitively tackles the important subject of child abuse. Winner of the Papatango New Writing Prize 2013.

    The Unreturning

    A compelling drama that explores the profound effect that war has on young lives.

    Unravelling the Ribbon

    A touching and frequently hilarious play about three women whose lives are touched by breast cancer.

    The Unravelling

    A Fringe First Award-winning fable about the power of mythology to change your life.

    The Unmanageable Sisters

    A funny and furious new version of Michel Tremblay’s fêted Québécoise comedy, Les Belles-Soeurs.

    Unknown Rivers

    A poignant and life-affirming play about the extraordinary powers of female friendship.


    A play about the intersetion of faith and misogyny, asking if you can be a feminist as well as a believer.

    The Unfriend

    A hilarious and satirical play about middle-class England's disastrous instinct always to appear nice, from the writer behind the internationally successful television shows Doctor Who and Sherlock.

    Undesirable Elements

    Real People, Real Lives, Real Theater

    A collection celebrating twenty years of Undesirable Elements, the series of community-specific theatre works that examines the lives of people living cultures, either by choice or circumstance.

    Under the Blue Sky

    A triptych of love stories in a play about unrequited affection, obsession, sex, and the possibility of being happy.

    Uncle Vanya

    Chekhov's great play about an elderly professor whose plans to sell off his rural estate threaten the livelihoods of those who have worked tirelessly to keep the estate going.

    Uncle Vanya

    A version of Chekhov's classic play by the celebrated US playwright, Annie Baker.

    Uncle Vanya

    Conor McPherson's stunning adaptation of the Anton Chekhov masterpiece, a portrayal of life at the turn of the twentieth century, full of tumultuous frustration, dark humour and hidden passions.


    A radical, modern-day re-interpretation of Arthur Schnitzler’s taboo-breaking 1897 play La Ronde, with its 'daisy chain' of sexual encounters.

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    Unbalancing Acts: Foundations for a Theater

    Includes essays and playscripts: The Cure, Film Is Evil: Radio Is Good, Symphony of Rats, What Did He See? and Lava, with a Foreword by Peter Sellars

    Ugly Lies the Bone

    An honest and funny play about a wounded veteran seeking rehabilitation through an experimental virtual reality therapy, from an award-winning American playwright.


    The Ubu Plays: King Ubu, Cuckold Ubu & Slave Ubu

    By Alfred Jarry Translated by Kenneth McLeish

    Alfred Jarry's trilogy of plays about the comically grotesque character of Pa Ubu, satirising power, greed, and bourgeois pretension.

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