Ursa Major
Published in volume Inside/Outside
First Staged:
Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, 2021

Ursa Major

By Joe White
Published in volume Inside/Outside

Callisto has lived in Japan and Egypt and Uzbekistan and Kenya. She's lived in an Iroquois longhouse, a Mongolian ger and a Renaissance chateau with the Duke of Magenta. She's slept under slate, and skin, and dung, and stars, and none of those places – not one – has ever defined who she is.

Jay is a Research Fellow in Observational Cosmology. He studies dark matter. He has OCD. And his wife Tobi has just left him.

Joe White's short play Ursa Major is a heartbreakingly funny play about love, life and human connection. It was first performed as part of Inside/Outside, a season of short plays staged at, and livestreamed from, the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, in March 2021.

It is published in the collection Inside/Outside.

Press Quotes

'Sharply written and darkly funny... quietly heartbreaking'

Broadway World
Published in volume Inside/Outside

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