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Journal of the Plague Year

A truthful, personal and insightful exploration of the state of arts funding and carrying on in the face of adversity, by the renowned founder of Out of Joint.

Other People's Shoes

Thoughts on Acting

Harriet Walter's wonderfully practical - and personal - introduction to acting.

Through The Body

A Practical Guide to Physical Theatre

A step-by-step guide to Physical Theatre in both theory and practice - full of detailed exercises and inspiring ideas.

Precious Little Talent & Hot Mess

Two plays by award-winning playwright Ella Hickson.

The Improvisation Book

How to Conduct Successful Improvisation Sessions

A practical guide to conducting improvisation sessions, for teachers, directors and workshop leaders.

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

A revised and updated edition of Bella Merlin's essential guide to Stanislavsky's terms and ideas.

Who is Sylvia? and Duologue

Two plays from one of the leading dramatists of the 20th century.

Conor McPherson Plays: One

Four early plays from the author of The Weir, with a foreword by the author.

Conor McPherson Plays: Two

The second collection of plays from the multi-award winning author.

Women, Power and Politics: Then

A collection of wide-ranging and ambitious short plays reflecting the complexities of women and political power in the United Kingdom.

War and Peace (stage version)

A magnificent two-play epic, adapted from Tolstoy's novel and first staged by Shared Experience.

The Active Text

Unlocking Plays Through Physical Theatre

Dymphna Callery, author of Through the Body: A practical guide to physical theatre, shows how exercises and rehearsal techniques associated with physical and devised theatre can be applied to scripted plays.