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Ebooks (EPUB files) bought from this website can be read on both Mac and PC computers, and are compatible with the majority of handheld devices.

By purchasing an ebook from this website, you are authorising Nick Hern Books to supply you with digital content. Shortly after the purchase has been completed, you will receive a download link by email to enable you to download and access your ebook.

To access your ebook, you will need an Adobe ID and suitable reader software on your computer/device. We recommend using Adobe Digital Editions. See below for more details, including how to install the programme on your computer or mobile device. Adobe Digital Editions no longer works on all mobile phones, but other ebook readers are available from wherever you get your apps.


PLEASE NOTE: display issues have been reported when using Adobe Digital Editions on Apple mobile devices. For a straighforward workaround for this issue, see instructions at Stison Publishing Solutions here.


Alternatively, our ebook titles can be purchased from most mainstream ebook retailers. For help with an ebook purchased from another retailer, please check the retailer's site.

For a list of our ebook titles, visit our Ebooks section.

Step 1: Creating an Adobe ID

An Adobe ID is a free user account that lets you download DRM-protected ebooks in Adobe Digital Editions and on supported eReaders. You can use your Adobe ID to download the same ebooks on up to six devices, as long as you've authorized each device with the same Adobe ID.

You will need an Adobe ID to access ebooks purchased from Nick Hern Books.

To create a new Adobe ID, click here.

Step 2: Downloading your ebook to a Mac or PC using Adobe Digital Editions

We recommend that you download your purchase to your main computer using Adobe Digital Editions, a free software programme that allows you to view and manage your ebooks. You can then access your ebook from other computers and any linked devices, and you will also be able to reinstall it after any data loss or when you switch computers. Alternatively, you can download it straight to a single device.

Install Abode Digital Editions on your computer
  • Click here to download Adobe Digital Editions, selecting the version for either Mac or Windows. Please note: Adobe Digital Editions is not compatible with the Safari browser.
  • Install the software on your computer, following the simple instructions provided.
Authorize your computer
  • Once you've installed Adobe Digital Editions, open the programme, go to the Help menu at the top and click 'Authorize computer...'.
  • Enter your Adobe ID (see Step 1 above) to complete the authorization.
Download your ebook
  • Now click on the download link in your confirmation email from Nick Hern Books.
  • Select to open the file in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Your ebook will now appear in your Adobe Digital Editions Library, whenever you open Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 3: Reading your ebook on a handheld device

If you want to read your ebook on your tablet or smart phone, we recommend that you install Adobe Digital Editions on any device you wish to use. This will allow you to easily sync your library across all your devices.

Download Adobe Digital Editions to your device
  • For iOS devices, visit the iTunes App Store (UK customers click here)
  • For Android devices, visit GooglePlay Store (UK customers click here)
Authorize your device
  • Once you've installed Adobe Digital Editions on your device, open it by tapping the icon.
  • When the app launches, open Settings from the menu.
  • In Settings, select Authorize and enter the same ID you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions your desktop computer.
  • Once finished, select Done. All your ebooks should now display in your library. (Tip: you may need to drag down your screen to refresh)
Download your ebook
  • Using your device, open the confirmation email from Nick Hern Books and click on the download link.
  • Your ebook will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

For help or support with Adobe Digital Editions, visit their Support Site (UK customers click here).


You can cancel any ebook purchase made through this website within 14 days of purchase and receive a full refund, but please note that once you have started to download your ebook, no cancellation can be accepted.

Further help

If you need any additional help, please contact us by phone on +44 (0)20 8749 4953 or by email at ebooks@nickhernbooks.co.uk.