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100 Great Plays for Women

By Lucy Kerbel Foreword by Kate Mosse

An inspiring guide to a hundred plays that put female performers centre stage, dispelling the myth that 'There just aren't any good plays for women'. With a foreword by Kate Mosse.

Actors' Lives

On and Off the American Stage

Interviews with twenty well-established American actors including Olympia Dukakis and James Earl Jones.

All Change Please

A Practical Guide to Achieving Gender Equality in Theatre

By Lucy Kerbel Foreword by Rufus Norris

A book about the need for change in theatre, to reflect the gender balance of the world it seeks to represent, and how, with everyone's help, we can achieve it.

The American Theatre Reader

A compendium of the best essays and interviews from twenty-five years of American Theatre magazine.

The Ancient Comedians

And What They Have To Say To Contemporary Playwrights

A fascinating exploration of the origins and development of dramatic comedy, by an award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter.

Beside Myself

An Actor's Life

A remarkably candid autobiography, utterly involving and often startlingly revelatory - an inspiration to young actors and a treat for seasoned theatregoers.

Breaking the Rules: The Wooster Group

A in-depth survey of the work of groundbreaking theatre company the Wooster Group, introduced by Peter Sellars.

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Brutus and Other Heroines

Playing Shakespeare's Roles for Women

Award-winning actress Harriet Walter shares insights gleaned from her vast experience of performing some of Shakespeare's most famous roles - both male and female.

Chekhov on Theatre

By Anton Chekhov Compiled by Jutta Hercher and Peter Urban Translated by Stephen Mulrine

A unique collection of everything that Chekhov wrote about the theatre - including newspaper articles and letters - revealing his instinctive curiosity about the way theatre works and his concerns about how best to realise his own intentions as a playwright.

Chekhov's Three Sisters

A Study Guide

A highly accessible guide to the play, taking you scene by scene through the action, analysing moment by moment what is actually said and done, and how the staging of these moments affects our understanding of them.

Commedia Plays

Scenarios, Scripts, Lazzi

A unique collection of performance pieces and improvisation exercises in the Commedia style, a companion volume to the author's best-selling Playing Commedia.

Conversations with Miller (Centenary Edition)

By Mel Gussow Foreword by Richard Eyre

More than a dozen conversations between Arthur Miller, America's greatest playwright, and New York Times critic Mel Gussow, covering subjects personal and political.

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Conversations With Pinter

Detailed interviews with the Nobel Prize-winning playwright, conducted over twenty years from 1971-1993 by the Drama Critic of the New York Times.

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Creating Worlds

How to Make Immersive Theatre

A practical guide to creating successful immersive theatre productions, by an experienced theatre-maker and practitioner.

Culture is the Body

The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki

A landmark collection of writings from one of the world's most revered theatre directors.

Diane Samuels' Kindertransport

The author's guide to the play

The author's guide to Kindertransport, an invaluable and uniquely authoritative resource for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play.

Diaries 1969-1977

The revealing - and frequently hilarious - diaries of playwright Peter Nichols, covering the period of his life between his first real hit, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, to the stirrings of his masterpiece, Passion Play.

Don't Just Applaud, Send Money!

The most successful strategies for funding and marketing the arts

A hundred new ideas for raising money to fund the arts - of enormous value to all arts organisations.

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