The Ancient Comedians
Paperback, 256 pages ISBN: 9781770912731Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£24.99

The Ancient Comedians

And What They Have To Say To Contemporary Playwrights

By Clem Martini

Paperback £24.99

Nobody invented a sense of humour; that's inherent. People have always laughed, joked, and shared comic stories. What the ancient Greeks and Romans did, however, was develop ways to express that comic sensibility in the theatre.

The Ancient Comedians, by award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter Clem Martini, explores the strategies used by the innovators who navigated the terrain thousands of years ago, and made their mark on the craft.

It is an invaluable book for anyone writing dramatic comedy today, whether for the theatre, television or film. It will also be of use to those studying ancient literature or theatre, and is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the origins and development of comedy on the stage.

Paperback,256 pages ISBN: 9781770912731Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£24.99

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