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Nineteen Ninety-Two

A short play about two brothers biding their time to savour revenge - but how can they be sure they've got the right girl?

Published in volume Irish Shorts

    Investment Potential

    A short play about a youthful couple who can't seem to pull themselves up the rungs of the property ladder.

    Published in volume Irish Shorts


      A short play about a parent and child who have been concealing their true identities.

      Published in volume Irish Shorts

        Time Spent on Trains

        A 15-minute play about childhood, disability and spending time on trains.

        Published in volume Fishskin Trousers

          A Tragic Figure

          A comic duologue about a civil servant sweltering in Moscow coping with the incessant demands of his family from their summer dacha.

          Published in volume Chekhov: Shorts


            A comic duologue about a melancholy old actor perked up by memories of past glories.

            Published in volume Chekhov: Shorts


              A couple in bed discuss the effect on them of the woman's recent abortion.

              Published in volume Caryl Churchill: Shorts

                My Friend Duplicity

                A one-act duologue by Enda Walsh which went on to inspire his play Ballyturk.

                Published in volume Enda Walsh Plays: Two

                  Amongst the Reeds

                  Two friends scratch out a living on the margins of society in a play commissioned by acclaimed theatre company Clean Break.


                    A short play set in a Westminster dressing room, as Prime Minister Dave prepares for his first ever bout of Prime Minister's Questions.

                    Published in volume Ella Hickson Plays: One

                      Wilderness (short play)

                      A short play about a patient and her psychiatrist as they head into the wilderness to find out how sane any of us really are.

                        Tickets are Now On Sale

                        A short play about sponsorship and the arts.

                        Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Five

                          The Same

                          A play about two women who meet in a psychiatric institution.

                          Published in volume Medicine & The Same: two plays


                            A resonant and surreal short piece published alongside What If If Only.

                            Published in volume What If If Only

                              The Silence and the Noise

                              A play that beautifully captures the story of two young people on the edge. Joint winner of the 2021 Papatango New Writing Prize.

                              Published in volume Papatango Plays

                                The Wasp

                                A twisting two-hander, a psychological thriller from the acclaimed author of Emilia.

                                • Paperback


                                A play about death and rebirth, from an award-winning Irish playwright.

                                Published in volume SAUCE and All honey: Two Plays

                                  When the Daffodils

                                  A searching portrait of human kindness in a world that sets limits on how we care for the vulnerable. First performed as part of the Orange Tree Theatre's Inside/Outside season of short plays.

                                  Published in volume Inside/Outside