Irish Shorts
Paperback, 208 pages ISBN: 9781848423176Publication Date:
14 Feb 2013
Size: 198mm x 129mm£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)

Irish Shorts

Two-handers from the Abbey Theatre, Ireland

Selected by Aideen Howard

Paperback £16.99£13.59

A collection of short plays by exciting new Irish writers, selected and introduced by the literary manager of the Abbey Theatre.

These eight short plays by some of the most exciting new Irish playwrights around were commissioned and staged by the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

All of the plays are written for one man and one woman - with one exception, which is written for two men - and are ideal for performance in studio theatres, one-act play festivals, and as duologues. Together, the plays showcase the Abbey's commitment to nurturing and introducing the very best new Irish writing.

Includes the plays:

Stop/Over by Gary Duggan
When Cows Go Boom by Stacey Gregg
Love in a Glass Jar by Nancy Harris
Meeting Miss Ireland by Rosemary Jenkinson
Salad Day by Deirdre Kinahan
Nineteen Ninety-Two by Lisa McGee
Investment Potential by Phillip McMahon
Ribbons by Elaine Murphy

Paperback,208 pages ISBN: 9781848423176Publication Date:
14 Feb 2013
Size: 198mm x 129mm£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)
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