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Shakespeare's Will
Paperback, 88 pages ISBN: 9780887547690Publication Date:
11 Apr 2012
Size: 212mm x 135mm£21.99
First Staged:
The Citadel Theatre, Alberta, 2005

Shakespeare's Will

By Vern Thiessen

Paperback £21.99

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Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen gives a voice to one of the most silent characters in history: Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare.

The play sheds light on unexplored aspects of Hathaway's life by looking through the eyes and heart of the woman who spent a lifetime with—and without—the great poet. This work is the celebration of a life unbowed by tragedy and unapologetic in the face of public scorn.

Press Quotes

'Masterful. In theatre… it's rare that you get something that is unequivocally, indisputably great'

Vue Weekly
Paperback,88 pages ISBN: 9780887547690Publication Date:
11 Apr 2012
Size: 212mm x 135mm£21.99

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