Paperback, 104 pages ISBN: 9780369103857Publication Date:
3 Aug 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99
First Staged:
Theatre New Brunswick, 2022


By Vern Thiessen

Paperback £23.99

Étaples, France, 1918. Nurses Christy, Maggie, and Bab have crossed oceans to care for wounded Canadian soldiers in the Great War. Despite the terrible injuries they must deal with, they manage to stay hopeful as the dangers of the front draw closer to their hospital.

As each woman becomes accustomed to her duties and patients, they reveal more personal details to one another and through letters to loved ones. Maggie misses her close friend she lived with back home and worries for their future together. Christy writes to her soldier husband, but she knows there's a difference between the life she should lead with him and the one she wants. Bab longs for what she can't have: her beloved grandpa, a married soldier, a child. Through it all, the three women find friendship, independence, power, and influence in a place where men, once again, are trying to destroy the world.

Vern Thiessen's play Bluebirds was premiered by Theatre New Brunswick at Open Space Theatre, Fredericton, in 2022.

Paperback,104 pages ISBN: 9780369103857Publication Date:
3 Aug 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99

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