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Einstein's Gift
Paperback, 132 pages ISBN: 9780887548819Publication Date:
6 Jan 2003
Size: 213mm x 136mm£17.99
First Staged:
Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, 2003

Einstein's Gift

By Vern Thiessen

Paperback £17.99

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  • Governor General's Award for Drama - 2003

A Canadian play based on the life and work of Nobel Laureate Dr Fritz. Haber, who risked everything for a country that never accepted him, but used his work to murder millions.

A scientist who enhances life with his work and knowledge but discovers too late that knowledge in the wrong hands brings death. The ideal of science to serve humanity is shown in sharp contrast against the reality of political will, nationalism and war. Chance, pride, ego and passion collide.

Vern Thiessen's play Einstein's Gift was first performed at Citadel Theatre, Edmonston, Alberta, in 2003. It won the 2003 Governor General's Award for Drama.

Press Quotes

'One of the most powerful plays in recent memory... a spell-binding drama with a global impact'

The Kitchener Record

'An illuminating history lesson with the appeal of an old-fashioned Hollywood biopic'

Globe and Mail

'Everything theatre should be. It's funny, beautiful and troubling. It asks big questions and resonates powerfully'

Vue Weekly
Paperback,132 pages ISBN: 9780887548819Publication Date:
6 Jan 2003
Size: 213mm x 136mm£17.99

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