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The Steamie

A celebration of women's work in a Glasgow wash-house set on Hogmanay.

Published in volume Scot-Free

    Manon / Sandra

    A controversial but humane play about an obsessively religious girl and a sex-obsessed transvestite, by the renowned Quebecois writer.

      Albertine in Five Times

      A simultaneous portrait of a woman at five different ages. Five actresses portray Albertine at different times of her life whilst conversing freely with each other and with their sister Madeleine.

        Low in the Dark

        A witty and absurdist play that dismantles the myths of motherhood and exposes the sexism of language and religious imagery.

        Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald


          A powerful anatomy of misogyny, by 'one of the most significant new Irish writers of his generation' (Sunday Times).

          Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald

            The Hamster Wheel

            When one partner in a marriage becomes unable to look after themselves and is completely dependent on the other, what happens to the relationship between them?

            Published in volume The Crack in the Emerald


              A psychological horror story about a woman suffering a mental breakdown, from the award-winning author of Iron.

                A Mouthful of Birds

                A collaborative piece written with David Lan, combining words and dance. Inspired by Euripides' Bacchae, the play explores modern experiences of 'possession, violence and other states where people feel beside themselves'.

                Published in volume Caryl Churchill Plays: Three

                  Sucking Dublin

                  A fierce and uncompromising short play about a group of five individuals tormented by a rape in a claustrophobic, drug-infested Dublin.

                  Published in volume Disco Pigs & Sucking Dublin


                    A short play about an old couple whose son returns after years of absence.

                    Published in volume Family: three plays

                      The Visitor

                      A short play about a schoolmaster on the verge of retirement, confronted by a mysterious young man wishing to pay his respects.

                      Published in volume Family: three plays


                        The second play in Robert Holman's acclaimed trilogy of short plays, Making Noise Quietly.

                          Making Noise Quietly (short play)

                          The third in Robert Holman's acclaimed trilogy of short plays, also called Making Noise Quietly.

                            Being Friends

                            The first of the three plays that make up Robert Holman's acclaimed dramatic trilogy Making Noise Quietly.


                              A rite-of-passage play in which a twelve-year-old boy spends the night alone on an island.

                              Published in volume The Cavalcaders and Amphibians


                                A deeply moving tale about what lies beneath the surface of everyday lives.

                                Published in volume The Wexford Trilogy

                                  Poor Beast in the Rain

                                  A slice of small-town life, set in a betting shop in Wexford. Part of Billy Roche's acclaimed Wexford Trilogy.

                                  Published in volume The Wexford Trilogy


                                    A play about the early resistance to policies of apartheid or racial segregation in Cape Town, South Africa, in the 1950s.

                                    Published in volume Nicholas Wright: Five Plays