Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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The Wife of Cyncoed

A charming and open-hearted one-woman play about self-discovery later in life.


A smouldering political allegory about a political protest in a country ruled by a military junta. From the author of Death and the Maiden, written in collaboration with Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America.

The Wider Earth

A powerfully dramatic play about Charles Darwin's voyage on board HMS Beagle - an adventure that changed not only his own life, but also the history of the entire world.

Why Can't We Live Together?

Set against the low hum of the War on Terror, Why Can't We Live Together? is a kaleidoscopic vision of our times through the lives of one man and one woman.

Who is Sylvia? and Duologue

Two plays from one of the leading dramatists of the 20th century.

Who is Sylvia?

Rattigan's play about obsessive love, a bittersweet portayal of his father - and maybe of his own frustrated love life.

Published in volume Who is Sylvia? and Duologue

    White Noise

    An unflinching look at race in the 21st century from both a black and white perspective, from a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.

    White Lead

    A short play exploring the expectations and responsibilities of being an artist and a woman.

    The White Bike

    An affecting play, based on a true story, about what happens when our world is turned upside down.

    Whisky Galore (stage version)

    A stage adaptation of Compton Mackenzie's comedy classic, combining rollicking physical theatre, panto and farce, with an array of hilarious characters for any female-led theatre company.

    Whipping It Up

    A quick-witted satirical farce set in the Whips' office at Westminster.

    While You Lie

    A blistering play about our need for honesty in relationships and how it can sometimes bring about their downfall.

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    Whiff Whaff

    A savagely funny short play about attitudes to disability and mental health.

    Published in volume Jack Thorne Plays: Two

      Where Sat the Lovers

      A play about codes, hallucinations, Isaac Newton, war crimes, seeing meaning where there's none and vice versa. First staged by MALAPROP Theatre at the 2021 Dublin Fringe Festival.

      Where I'm From

      A monologue play about a woman on the day of her release from prison.

        When You Cure Me

        A painful – and painfully funny – play about being very young and in love – and coping with serious illness at the same time.

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        When Winston Went to War with the Wireless

        A gripping and timely play about Winston Churchill, the 1920s General Strike and the birth of the BBC.

        When This Is Over

        A Blueprint for Creating Your Own Production, and the Original Playscript

        A theatrical celebration of hope, possibility and imagination, designed to be created and performed by teenage casts, drawing directly on their own life experiences and the stories they want to tell. Winner, Outstanding Drama Initiative at the Music and Drama Education Awards.