Why Can't We Live Together?
Ebook, 30 pages ISBN: 9781780018720Publication Date:
28 Mar 2017
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First Staged:
Menagerie Theatre/Soho/Theatre503, 2013

Why Can't We Live Together?

By Steve Waters

Ebook £3.99£3.19

A short play from the acclaimed author of Limehouse and Temple.

Set against the low hum of the War on Terror, Steve Waters' play Why Can't We Live Together? is a kaleidoscopic vision of our times through the lives of one man and one woman.

Also available in the collection Steve Waters: Shorts.

Ebook,30 pages ISBN: 9781780018720Publication Date:
28 Mar 2017
£3.99 £3.19You save £0.80 (20%)

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