Whiff Whaff
Published in volume Jack Thorne Plays: Two
First Staged:
Southwark Playhouse, London, 2011

Whiff Whaff

By Jack Thorne
Published in volume Jack Thorne Plays: Two

Nigel and Julie have two children and a cat named Lily. Lily has a problem with feline arthritis.

Not 'a problem' – an issue. It's not a problem at all. Lily can still drag herself up the stairs to her bowl. Everything's fine. Just wait until you hear Julie's Boris impression!

Jack Thorne's Whiff Whaff is a savagely funny short play about attitudes to disability and mental health. It was first performed by Theatre Uncut at Southwark Playhouse, London, in March 2011.

Whiff Whaff is published in the volume Jack Thorne Plays: Two.

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