Ghosts (Drama Classic)
Paperback, 128 pages ISBN: 9781854596550Publication Date:
22 Feb 2002
Size: 160mm x 105mm£4.50 £3.60You save £0.90 (20%)
First Staged:
Original version: 1882

Ghosts (Drama Classic)

By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Stephen Mulrine

Paperback £4.50£3.60

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Drama Classics: The World's Great Plays at a Great Little Price

When her son, Oswald, comes back from Paris, Mrs Alving feels the ghosts of her past life returning to haunt them.

Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts was first staged in 1882 in Chicago, Illinois, in a production by a Danish company on tour. The play was first performed in Sweden at Helsingborg in August 1883.

This English version of the play, in the Nick Hern Books Drama Classics series, is translated and introduced by Stephen Mulrine.

This version is also available in the volume Ibsen: Three Plays.

Paperback, 128 pages ISBN: 9781854596550Publication Date:
22 Feb 2002
Size: 160mm x 105mm£4.50 £3.60You save £0.90 (20%)

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