Peer Gynt
Paperback, 263 pages ISBN: 9781559360456Publication Date:
1 Aug 1993
Size: 203mm x 127mm£12.99
First Staged:
Original c. 1876

Peer Gynt

By Henrik Ibsen Translated by Gerry Bamman and Irene B. Berman

Paperback £12.99

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Based in part on the folk traditions of Henrik Ibsen's native Norway, Peer Gynt is one of the last great epics of the nineteenth century. This translation of the complete text retains the verse format of the original.

By turns comic, tragic, lyrical and fantastic, the play is an allegory for the eponymous character's search for complete fulfilment, from the fjords of Norway to the deserts of Africa and back.

Peer Gynt is also available in the Drama Classic Series in a translation by Kenneth McLeish. 

Paperback, 263 pages ISBN: 9781559360456Publication Date:
1 Aug 1993
Size: 203mm x 127mm£12.99

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