Death of a Cyclist
EPUB, 13 pages ISBN: 9781780018690Publication Date:
28 Mar 2017
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First Staged:
Menagerie Theatre Company, Hotbed Festival, 2012

Death of a Cyclist

By Steve Waters

EPUB £2.99£2.39

Told by a woman killed in a cycling accident, Steve Waters' play Death of a Cyclist is a poignant, bleakly comic short monologue that imagines the moments after death, and our struggle to come to terms with the biggest shock of all.

It was first staged by Menagerie Theatre Company at Hotbed Festival in 2012.

Death of a Cyclist is also available in the collection Steve Waters: Shorts.

EPUB, 13 pages ISBN: 9781780018690Publication Date:
28 Mar 2017
£2.99 £2.39You save £0.60 (20%)

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