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Sister Suzie Cinema
Paperback, 152 pages ISBN: 9780930452605Publication Date:
1 Feb 1990
Size: 234mm x 190mm£10.99

Sister Suzie Cinema

By Lee Breuer

Paperback £10.99

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The Collected Poems and Performances 1976-1986

Includes Lee Breuer's astonishingly original performance scripts, with details of their stagings under his direction.

Sister Suzie Cinema is a 'doo-wop opera' inspired by the author's coming of age amidst the pop culture of the 50s. Other works include: Haji, a multimedia, one-character collage charting a woman's personal pilgrimage; Red Beads, a Halloween fairy tale turned nightmare; Lies!, a jive satire of sex and money; A Prelude to Death in Venice, the saga of a street-smart puppet named John whose life is always a pay-phone call away; and The Warrior Ant, the Latin/reggae mythical journey of a modern-day 'every ant'.

Press Quotes

'A stunning theatre piece'

New Statesman on 'A Prelude to Death in Venice'

'Breuer's astonishing marriages of disparate elements produce great joy'

Village Voice on 'The Warrior Ant'
Paperback, 152 pages ISBN: 9780930452605Publication Date:
1 Feb 1990
Size: 234mm x 190mm£10.99

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