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Chekhov's character study of a man undone by his own spiritual malaise, in a brilliant translation by a world-renowned team of translators.

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A play about three nurses treating wounded Canadian soldiers in France in 1918.

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

A haunting play about a group of young conservative Catholics in America encountering crises of confidence in faith, country, and self. A finalist for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


A genre-bending comedy thriller that explores the legend of the wicked witch Baba Yaga through the lens of a modern-day whodunit.

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Strategic Love Play

A Fringe First-winning play that, with acid wit, takes a scalpel to modern romance.

The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

An uplifting ensemble comedy set to some of the most popular opera songs ever written. Premiered at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and Dundee Rep.

Lady Dealer

A mile-a-minute, one-person poem play about a young female drug dealer, exploring forgiveness, the exhaustion of trying, and mistaking self-destruction for self-preservation. Premiered at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

England & Son

A one-man play about disaster capitalism, empire, Thatcherite politics, stolen youth, stolen wealth and a working-class boy who just wants his dad to smile at him. First performed by the celebrated political comedian Mark Thomas in Paines Plough's Roundabout during the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

A Mirror

Sam Holcroft's elusive and explosive new play about censorship, authorship and free speech, premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, in August 2023, directed by Jeremy Herrin.

Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

A cutting-edge drama – part free-wheeling lecture, part podcast and part play – investigating the disappearance of Iranian pop sensation and refugee Fereydoun Farrokhzad in 1992.

next to normal

An intimate exploration of family and loss, winner of three Tony Awards the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Drama Menu: Second Helpings

Another 160 Tasty Theatre Games

160 all-new games and exercises from the author of Drama Menu, the bestselling companion for drama teachers and workshop leaders.

Never Have I Ever

An explosive, savagely funny first play by Deborah Frances-White, comedian, screenwriter and host of the global hit podcast The Guilty Feminist.

The Real & Imagined History of the Elephant Man

A powerful, angry and surprising play about the person who came to be known as 'the Elephant Man', restoring Joseph Merrick to the centre of his own story.

Mlima's Tale

A heart-wrenching play about the international ivory trade, portraying humankind's capacity for corruption and greed, and our continued destruction of the natural world.

What Actors Do

Advice to the Players in Seven Paradoxes and a Manifesto

Revered theatre director Mike Alfreds explores the wellspring of the actor's craft. Frank, uncompromising and full of sharply focused insights, this book will show you how to generate truthful performances by trusting your inner creativity and remaining radically open, responsive and present in every moment.

Metamorphosis (stage version)

By Franz Kafka Adapted by Lemn Sissay

A thrilling stage adaptation of Kafka's visceral literary landmark, first produced by Frantic Assembly.

Is My Microphone On?

An urgent and lyrical play from a leading Canadian playwright, about young people questioning the choices that have been made, and the ones that they will yet be forced to make.