Paperback, 128 pages ISBN: 9780369101655Publication Date:
3 Aug 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99
First Staged:
Toronto, 2019


By Kat Sandler

Paperback £23.99

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She's more than just a wicked old witch. Baba Yaga is a legend, usually known as that elderly woman who lives alone in the woods and grinds the bones of the wicked. But what if she was actually a sexy, smart, modern woman operating off of morally ambiguous motives? 

A detective finds himself in a small, isolated town asking, what does the disappearance of the young heir to a yoghurt empire have to do with some random lore about an old witch? Matched by an apprehensive local sheriff, a university professor with a taste for younger men, and a whole cast of curious characters, the Slavic myth of Baba Yaga twists into a new labyrinth of secret lives, ancient magic, and multiple suspects. 

This genre-bending comedic fairy tale meets thrilling whodunit gives voice to an antihero of epic proportions while interrogating how her story has historically been told by men.

Kat Sandler's play Yaga was first staged at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto in 2019.

Press Quotes

'Sandler has triumphantly reclaimed the evil-woman myth. Move over, Wicked and Maleficent, and welcome Yaga to the sisterhood'

Globe and Mail

'This one will get people talking'

Toronto Star
Paperback,128 pages ISBN: 9780369101655Publication Date:
3 Aug 2023
Size: 213mm x 134mm£23.99
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