Modern Drama

This section contains plays written or premiered after 1945.

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Age of Minority: Three Solo Plays

Three solo plays exploring the lives of three queer youths and their resilience in the face of violence and intolerance. Winner of the 2014 Governor General's Literary Award for Drama.


A resonant and surreal short piece published alongside What If If Only.

Published in volume What If If Only


    A turbulent black comedy about love, loneliness and how we shape our future.

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    Albert Speer

    A panoramic historical drama about the man whose devotion to Hitler blinded him to the worst crime of the twentieth century, drawing closely on Gita Sereny's definitive and magisterial biography of Albert Speer.

    Albertine in Five Times

    A simultaneous portrait of a woman at five different ages. Five actresses portray Albertine at different times of her life whilst conversing freely with each other and with their sister Madeleine.


      Mike Bartlett's outstanding play, set in the ruins of a garden in rural England.


      A thrilling play about family and social care that follows 11-year-old Sandy on her daring, Christmas mission to emulate Clint Eastwood and bust her gran out of lock-up.

      Alexi Kaye Campbell Plays: One

      A collection of five plays by Alexi Kaye Campbell: The Pride, Apologia, The Faith Machine, Bracken Moor and Sunset at the Villa Thalia.

      All Mouth

      A biting comedy set in the hidden world of the voice-over artist.

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      All On Her Own

      A powerfully atmospheric one-woman play, All On Her Own tells the story of Rosemary who, alone at midnight in London, has a secret burden to share that is both heartbreaking and sinister.

      Published in volume Harlequinade & All On Her Own

        All Our Children

        A moving examination of a terrifying moral dilemma, and a powerful story that shows what it takes for humanity and decency to be restored in a world that has abandoned them.

        All the Little Lights

        A poignant, moving and darkly funny play about young girls slipping through the cracks in society. Joint winner of the 2016 George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright.

        All the Way Home

        A deeply emotional comedy drama from the author of East is East, exploring the relationships we have with our roots, and with those that we love but don't always understand.


        A searing dramatic thriller that asks how well we actually know those closest to us, premiered at Hampstead Theatre in June 2016.

        Almost Nothing

        By Marcos Barbosa Translated by Mark O'Thomas

        An unnerving short play by Brazilian playwright Marcos Barbosa.

        Published in volume Almost Nothing & At the Table

          Almost Nothing & At the Table

          Two plays

          By Marcos Barbosa Translated by Mark O'Thomas

          Two tense and unnerving short plays from talented Brazilian playwright, Marcos Barbosa.

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          Aloe Aloe

          A provocative short play about parenthood and responsibility, from the author of Mr Incredible and Where Do Little Birds Go?.

          Published in volume Mr Incredible

            Alys, Always (stage version)

            A psychological thriller, adapted for the stage from Harriet Lane's gripping novel.