EPUB, 85 pages ISBN: 9781788500869Publication Date:
2 Aug 2018
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First Staged:
UC Davis, California, 2001


By Stephen Jeffreys

EPUB £5.99£4.79

A boldly innovative drama exploring ideas about democracy, politics and leadership.

The country is preparing for an election.
The country undergoes a military coup.
The country must live through the consequences.

Stephen Jeffreys' play Interruptions, written while he was resident at the University of California, Davis, was inspired by his interest in the collective aspect of politics and his fascination with the Japanese aesthetic principle of Jo-ha-kyu.

It was first performed at UC Davis, California, in 2001.

Interruptions is also available in the collection Stephen Jeffreys: Plays.

Press Quotes

'Powerful... well worth watching'

EPUB, 85 pages ISBN: 9781788500869Publication Date:
2 Aug 2018
£5.99 £4.79You save £1.20 (20%)

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