Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781559365475Publication Date:
22 Mar 2018
Size: 215mm x 135mm£19.99
First Staged:
Yale Repertory Theatre, 2015


By Paula Vogel

Paperback £19.99

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Inspired by the true story of the controversial 1923 Broadway debut of Sholem Asch's play God of Vengeance, about an amorous affair between two women, Paula Vogel's Indecent is a riveting look at an explosive moment in theatrical history.

When Sholem Asch wrote God of Vengeance in 1907, he didn't imagine the height of controversy the play would eventually reach. Performing at first in Yiddish and German, the play’s subject matter wasn't deemed contentious until it was produced in English, when the American audiences were scandalized by its lesbian content.

Paula Vogel's play with music traces the trajectory of the show's success, through its tour in Europe to its abrupt and explosive demise on Broadway in 1923, including the arrest of the entire production's cast and crew.

Indecent had its world premiere production at Yale Repertory Theatre in October 2015. The play had its New York premiere Off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre in May 2016, and transferred to Broadway in April 2017.

Press Quotes

'Revelatory… As intimate and immediate as a whispered secret. Vogel's play thrums with music, desire, and fear, and it's shrewd about the ways in which America isn't free, and about how art does and doesn't transcend the perilous winds of history'

New Yorker

'Superbly realized… Indecent, the powerful play by Paula Vogel, sheds an eye-opening light on a little-known time when theatrical history, Jewish culture, and the frank depiction of homosexuality intersected, with explosive results'

New York Times

'A captivating journey into the past... exhilarating... sends you home pondering profound questions'

The Times

'A brainy play staged with the panache of a musical'


'An act of remembrance, defiance and reclamation – a play not just about antisemitism, censorship and queer female desire, but the ritual of storytelling'

Independent -

'Simultaneously epic and intimate'

The Stage
Paperback,96 pages ISBN: 9781559365475Publication Date:
22 Mar 2018
Size: 215mm x 135mm£19.99

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