Paperback, 184 pages ISBN: 9781848421295Publication Date:
11 Nov 2010
Size: 197mm x 130mm£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)
Ebook, 184 pages ISBN: 9781780013923Publication Date:
8 Oct 2014
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Six plays about women, crime and justice

By Chloë Moss, Winsome Pinnock, Rebecca Prichard, E V Crowe, Sam Holcroft and Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Paperback £14.99£11.99

Ebook £14.99£11.99

Six plays by some of the most exciting and distinctive female voices in British theatre, exploring the heartbreaking truth about the lives of women in the criminal justice system.

The plays were commissioned and premiered by Clean Break, a theatre and education company working with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system.

Included in this volume:

Fatal Light by Chloë Moss, about a young mother's inability to cope with separation from her daughter.

Taken by Winsome Pinnock, about a mother confronted by the child she had to give up.

Dream Pill by Rebecca Prichard, about two children forced into prostitution.

Doris Day by E V Crowe, about two police officers and their different expectations of the job.

Dancing Bears by Sam Holcroft, about the twisted loyalties and violence in teenage gangs.

That Almost Unnameable Lust by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, about a writer holding workshops with older women in a prison.

The plays were first performed at Soho Theatre, London, in November 2010.

Press Quotes

'A gripping vitality... It's striking how the overall tone is not stridently feminist, but quiet and matter-of-fact. Charged feels more urgent for it.'


'Unlocks the drama – and the pity – of tough justice.'

Time Out
Paperback,184 pages ISBN: 9781848421295Publication Date:
11 Nov 2010
Size: 197mm x 130mm£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)
Ebook,184 pages ISBN: 9781780013923Publication Date:
8 Oct 2014
£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)

Also by Chloë Moss:

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How Love Is Spelt
Christmas is Miles Away
Fatal Light
The Way Home
The Gatekeeper

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Also by Winsome Pinnock:

Rockets and Blue Lights
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Leave Taking

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Also by Rebecca Prichard:

Dream Pill

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Also by E V Crowe:

The Motherhood Project
Snatches: Moments from 100 Years of Women's Lives
Doris Day

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Also by Sam Holcroft:

A Mirror
Edgar & Annabel
Double Feature: One
The Wardrobe
Women, Power and Politics: Now
Dancing Bears
Rules for Living
While You Lie

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Also by Rebecca Lenkiewicz:

The Lioness
Women, Power and Politics: Then
That Almost Unnameable Lust
The Turn of the Screw (stage version)

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