New Titles


Four plays from the award-winning collective of Irish theatremakers: bold, playful, genre-spanning work, all premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival between 2017 and 2023.

The Invincibles

A play about the Dagenham Invincibles, aka Sterling Ladies, the greatest women's football team in Britain during World War One, and their legacy in the present day.

Fleabag: The Welsh Edition

A Welsh language adaptation of the hit play by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, first staged by Theatr Clwyd in 2023.


A play that tackles climate breakdown with big ideas, a lot of laughs, and some truly grotesque cabaret numbers.

Before You Say Anything

A play that questions how everyone can be safe at the same time. A time-travelling set of interweaving stories exploring injustice, freedom and bravery.

Everything Not Saved

A play about memory, happiness, Rasputin, and dancing. And also the Queen. Premiered by MALAPROP Theatre at the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2017.

Where Sat the Lovers

A play about codes, hallucinations, Isaac Newton, war crimes, seeing meaning where there's none and vice versa. First staged by MALAPROP Theatre at the 2021 Dublin Fringe Festival.


A fascinating and funny play for two actors – and one octopus – exploring love, grief and what makes us human.

Somewhere Out There You

A romantic comedy with a twist, playfully unravelling the love stories we weave for ourselves. First performed at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, as part of Dublin Theatre Festival.


A life-affirming story about the messiness of ageing and dying. Winner of a Fringe First award at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe.

Blue Mist

A debut play about South Asian Muslim men navigating a system that isn't built for them. Premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London.

Burnt Out

A blackly comic psychological thriller for the stage, revealing the darker side of suburban life in Belfast.


A hilarious and hopeful play from the Pulitzer-winning playwright, set in the bustling kitchen of a run-down Pennsylvania truck stop, where the formerly incarcerated staff have been given a second chance.

The Flea

James Fritz's new play about a flea, a horse, a detective, a queen, a pimp, a god, and Charlie, the telegraph boy who knelt before the Crown. Premiered at The Yard, London, in October 2023.


An intoxicating and mystical play about love, belonging and the tides within us, premiered by Pentabus and ThickSkin on a tour of the UK.

James Fritz Plays: One

Six plays from a unique voice in British theatre, covering the first decade of his career. These plays confront the fault lines in our culture with thrilling imagination, an unflinching moral seriousness and a warm, compassionate sense of humour.

Boy Parts (stage version)

A pitch-black psychological thriller based on the critically acclaimed debut novel by Eliza Clark. Premiered at Soho Theatre, London.

Skyscraper Lullaby

A powerful drama about two parents trying to come to terms with the disappearance of their toddler, written and first performed as an audio drama for Audible Original.