Love and Information
Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781848422889Publication Date:
6 Sep 2012
Size: 198mm x 129mm£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
EPUB, 96 pages ISBN: 9781780011714Publication Date:
8 Nov 2012
£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
First Staged:
Royal Court Theatre, London, 2012

Love and Information

By Caryl Churchill

Paperback £9.99£7.99

EPUB £9.99£7.99

Someone sneezes. Someone can't get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone won't answer the door. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone's not ready to talk. Someone is her brother's mother. Someone hates irrational numbers. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from the traffic light. Someone's never felt like this before.

In this fast moving kaleidoscope, more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know.

Caryl Churchill's play Love and Information was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in September 2012.

Love and Information is also available in the collection Caryl Churchill Plays: Five.

Press Quotes

'This exhilarating theatrical kaleidoscope... What is extraordinary about Churchill is her capacity as a dramatist to go on reinventing the wheel'


'A myriad of short scenes, a plethora of ideas, a large cast, a script of unallocated lines (with an appendix of "random" alternatives), a comedy of communication, a drama of depression, a modern manual of sex, memory and schizophrenia. I'm not quite sure how it happens, but every time Caryl Churchill writes a play, she breaks the mould'

'In the fast-moving traffic of life there are still quiet moments of beauty, heart wrenching sorrow, joy, and profound epiphanies... (The) succinct and thought-provoking script... speaks volumes about the fast turnover of modern life. Five Stars'

Huffington Post

'A wonderful web of complex emotions, memories, secrets and facts'

A Younger Theatre

'The wit, invention and structural ingenuity of Churchill's work are remarkable...she never does anything twice'

Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781848422889Publication Date:
6 Sep 2012
Size: 198mm x 129mm£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
EPUB, 96 pages ISBN: 9781780011714Publication Date:
8 Nov 2012
£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)

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