Four Minutes Twelve Seconds
Imprint: Methuen Drama
Paperback, 80 pages ISBN: 9781474231817Publication Date:
2 Oct 2014
Size: 198mm x 129mm£11.99
First Staged:
Hampstead Theatre, 2014

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds

By James Fritz

Paperback £11.99

Seventeen-year-old Jack is the apple of his mother's eye. His parents, Di and David, have devoted their lives to giving him every opportunity they never had. As a result, Jack is smart, outgoing, and well on his way to achieving the grades to study Law at Durham University.

But a startling incident outside the school gates threatens to ruin everything they've striven for: an incident that suggests a deep hatred of their son. As events begin to accelerate, Di and David start to doubt Jack's closest friends, Jack himself, and ultimately themselves – who can they trust?

In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, James Fritz's deeply provocative and topical drama throws a light on the sorts of insidious opportunities new technology offers – where nothing dies online, except reputation.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds was runner-up for the Verity Bargate Award in 2013. It received its world premiere at Hampstead Theatre in the Downstairs space in October 2014.

This edition is published by Methuen Drama, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.

The play is also available in the volume James Fritz Plays: One.

'He says they all do it. These kids, you know, they've got their phones. Film everything. Can't say I blame them. I would at that age.'

Imprint: Methuen Drama
Paperback,80 pages ISBN: 9781474231817Publication Date:
2 Oct 2014
Size: 198mm x 129mm£11.99

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