Brainstorm: The Original Playscript
Paperback, 96 pages ISBN: 9781848425873Publication Date:
15 Dec 2016
Size: 198mm x 129mm£10.99 £8.79You save £2.20 (20%)
Ebook, 96 pages ISBN: 9781780018027Publication Date:
15 Dec 2016
£10.99 £8.79You save £2.20 (20%)
First Staged:
Islington Community Theatre, 2013

Brainstorm: The Original Playscript

And a Blueprint for Creating Your Own Production

By Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three

Paperback £10.99£8.79

Ebook £10.99£8.79

Inside every adolescent brain, 86 billion neurons connect and collide to produce the most frustrating, chaotic and exhilarating changes that will ever happen to us.

Brainstorm is a unique theatrical investigation into how teenagers' brains work, and why they're designed by evolution to be the way they are.

Created by Ned Glasier and Emily Lim with Company Three (formerly Islington Community Theatre), in collaboration with neuroscientists Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Dr Kate Mills, the play is designed to be created and performed by a company of teenagers, drawing directly on their personal experiences.

This edition contains a series of exercises, resources and activities to help schools, youth-theatre groups and young companies create and perform their own Brainstorm. It also features the complete script of the original production which played at Park Theatre and the National Theatre, London, in 2015.

Blog Post 1: Ned Glasier on the process that led to Brainstorm: 'We know from the parents, teachers and other adults who came to see the show how important it is that adults understand what’s going on in the changing teenage brain. And how empowering it can be for teenagers to be the ones to tell them.' Read more >>


Brainstorm from Mattia Pagura on Vimeo.

Blog Post 2: 'The whole process of putting on Brainstorm was transformative in a way I’ve never experienced before.' An intrepid English teacher reports on the experience of staging Brainstorm with his students. Read more >>

Press Quotes

'Sharply contemporary… gives a voice to a portion of society all too often overlooked'


'This is everything youth theatre could hope to be… deep honesty matched by artistry'

The Times

'A fantastic piece of community theatre… Brainstorm has the ability to transcend generational barriers. Whilst truly celebrating what it means to be young in today’s social climate, it asks the audience to see individuals, regardless of their age'

A Younger Theatre

'A theatrical MRI scan, which offers as much of the why as the what… witty, considered and vital… this is fresh work, important work, built with honesty and, above all, a willingness to listen'

The Stage

'This is a very cunningly put-together piece, drawing with unflinching honesty on material excavated from the young people's own lives... and capturing the hormonal rush and wild mood swings of teenage existence... The real beauty of this memorable show is that it's not just all about them – it's definitely about us too'

Paperback,96 pages ISBN: 9781848425873Publication Date:
15 Dec 2016
Size: 198mm x 129mm£10.99 £8.79You save £2.20 (20%)
Ebook,96 pages ISBN: 9781780018027Publication Date:
15 Dec 2016
£10.99 £8.79You save £2.20 (20%)

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