Skyscraper Lullaby
Ebook, ISBN: 9781788507585Publication Date:
26 Oct 2023
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First Staged:
Audible Original (audio drama), 2022

Skyscraper Lullaby

By James Fritz

Ebook £6.99£5.59

A powerful drama about two parents trying to come to terms with the disappearance of their toddler, written and first performed as an audio drama for Audible Original.

As they recount the events surrounding the disappearance of their toddler – one with a tendency to bite – two parents cope with grief in vastly different ways. While the father wrestles with feelings of guilt, the mother is convinced she's spotted the boy in frightening TV news reports... though let's just say he looks nothing like the precocious little boy they remember from a decade ago.

James Fritz's Skyscraper Lullaby is a haunting examination of the ways we cope with tragedy, complicity, and remorse. It was first produced as an audio play for Audible Original in 2022.

Also available in the collection James Fritz Plays: One.

Ebook,ISBN: 9781788507585Publication Date:
26 Oct 2023
£6.99 £5.59You save £1.40 (20%)

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