Published in volume CripTales: Six Monologues
First Staged:
BBC Four, 2020


By Mat Fraser
Published in volume CripTales: Six Monologues

Mat sits in the waiting room before an audition, dreading how it will turn out. He relives some of his best and worst moments in auditions in the past, taking us back to his childhood, where he unlocks the reasons for his fears, before finding the way to triumph. Or does he?

Mat Fraser's short monologue play Audition was commissioned by the BBC as part of CripTales, broadcast on BBC Four and BBC America in 2020 to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the UK's Disability Discrimination Act, which criminalised discrimination against disabled people in many areas of life. The production had disabled people at its core – as writers, directors and actors of all six monologues.

Audition was performed by Mat Fraser, directed by Ewan Marshall.

It is published in the volume Criptales: Six Monologues.

Published in volume CripTales: Six Monologues

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CripTales: Six Monologues

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