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The Waiting List
Published in volume Mojo Mickybo: Three Plays
First Staged:
Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast, 1994

The Waiting List

By Owen McCafferty
Published in volume Mojo Mickybo: Three Plays

A blackly comic monologue about a man under siege in the community where he grew up.

Set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the play is narrated by a man who believes he may have become a target for the Loyalist paramilitaries. He begins to trawl through his memories in search of the violent act that may have put him on the hit list.

Owen McCafferty's play The Waiting List was first produced by Point Fields Theatre Company at the Old Museum Arts Centre in Belfast in 1994.

Press Quotes

'Full of shocking home truths, made palatable by a witty, astute script'

Irish News

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