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The Blunt Playwright
Paperback, 224 pages ISBN: 9780369100191Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£32.99

The Blunt Playwright

An Introduction to Playwriting

By Clem Martini

Paperback £32.99

The Blunt Playwright won't tell you everything there is to know about playwriting. It won't even try.

What it will do is examine process, structure, dialogue, and character; provide classic and contemporary scenes for you to study; outline clever exercises to strengthen your writing skills; and so much more.

Highly regarded and widely used in colleges and universities across North America, this updated edition of The Blunt Playwright, by award-winning Canadian playwright, novelist and screenwriter Clem Martini, cements its place as one of the best resources for playwrights.

From organising the structure of a script, to developing characters' voices; from employing visual effects on stage, to writing comedy; or from self-promotion, to getting produced and published... this guide has something for everyone, at any stage of their career.

Paperback,224 pages ISBN: 9780369100191Publication Date:
27 Feb 2020
Size: 228mm x 152mm£32.99

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