Ebook, 50 pages ISBN: 9781780018669Publication Date:
2 Mar 2017
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First Staged:
VAULT Festival, London, 2017


By Tristan Bernays

Ebook £3.99£3.19

The dark underside of the Greatest Story Ever Told.

A man whose father tried to sacrifice him. Two sisters with a dark family secret. A man on death row whose cell mate claims to be the Messiah.

In Testament, Tristan Bernays presents four overlooked Bible characters – a ragtag group of women, children, outcasts and thieves – and relocates them in modern-day America, giving these lesser-known voices a chance to tell their side of the story.

Testament was first performed at the 2017 VAULT Festival, London.

Testament is also available in the collection Plays from VAULT 2.

Press Quotes

'Bernays has managed to create a new and captivating angle to the Bible and it's impossible not to engage with their stories'

A Younger Theatre
Ebook,50 pages ISBN: 9781780018669Publication Date:
2 Mar 2017
£3.99 £3.19You save £0.80 (20%)

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