Ten Tiny Toes
Paperback, 112 pages ISBN: 9781854595287Publication Date:
12 Jun 2008
Size: 198mm x 129mm£8.99 £7.19You save £1.80 (20%)
First Staged:
Liverpool Everyman, 2008

Ten Tiny Toes

By Esther Wilson

Paperback £8.99£7.19

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An uncompromising account of the heartbreaking choices faced by mothers today and what happens when a distant war comes home.

When he left for war he was her little soldier...

Like every mother, Gill wants the best for her sons. Raise them well; keep them safe, clean and out of trouble. But for Michael and Chris the choices are few and far between. The only way to have the best is to be the best – join the army.

As the brutal business of war unfolds, the boys become men their mother doesn't recognise, and maternal love is put to a gruelling test. Glued to the news and linked by satellite from their sofas to the battlefield, the mothers find a political voice that is uncomfortable but almost impossible to ignore.

Esther Wilson's play Ten Tiny Toes was first staged at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, in 2008, in association with Shared Experience.

Press Quotes

'Unflinching... written with fire and passion'


'Emotionally incendiary... hugely affecting'

The Times

'Quietly devastating... a gripping domestic drama that cuts to the core of a nagging national debate'

Paperback,112 pages ISBN: 9781854595287Publication Date:
12 Jun 2008
Size: 198mm x 129mm£8.99 £7.19You save £1.80 (20%)
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