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Tackling Text [and subtext]
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback, 336 pages ISBN: 9781854597991Publication Date:
12 Jun 2008
Size: 235mm x 155mm£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)
Ebook, 336 pages ISBN: 9781788500111Publication Date:
5 Apr 2018
£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)

Tackling Text [and subtext]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Actors

By Barbara Houseman

Paperback £14.99£11.99

Ebook £14.99£11.99

An intensely practical handbook for actors on how to cope with text, subtext, character and situation. With a preface by Kenneth Branagh.

Having helped the actor with basic vocal technique in her enormously successful book, Finding Your Voice, Barbara Houseman here shows the actor how to cope with the demands posed by the text [and the subtext] of the play itself.

Full of practical exercises developed over many years of working with actors of all ages and experiences, Tackling Text [and subtext] is an indispensable handbook for any actor working with text - from acting students and young professionals, to experienced actors wanting to tackle specific problems and acting coaches wanting to discover new ways of enabling their students.

'If you want to improve as an actor, read this book... it helps restore the hard work of the actor as fresh, playful and fun' Kenneth Branagh, from his Preface

'An inspiring teacher... a hugely motivating force in my work' Daniel Radcliffe

'Barbara's work starts with the voice, passes through the physical - and results in a character. Her teaching helps total performance' Jude Law

Downloadable Extract Tackling Text extractTacklingText.pdf
Press Quotes

'Detailed, down-to-earth, useful... with one of the clearest explanations I've read of iambic pentameter'

The Stage

'As useful to the experienced actor looking for a lifeline as the beginner wanting tips about the trade'

British Theatre Guide
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback,336 pages ISBN: 9781854597991Publication Date:
12 Jun 2008
Size: 235mm x 155mm£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)
Ebook,336 pages ISBN: 9781788500111Publication Date:
5 Apr 2018
£14.99 £11.99You save £3.00 (20%)

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