Finding Your Voice
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback, 256 pages ISBN: 9781854596598Publication Date:
15 Aug 2002
Size: 235mm x 153mm£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)
Ebook, 256 pages ISBN: 9781780010427Publication Date:
23 Nov 2015
£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)

Finding Your Voice

A step-by-step guide for actors

By Barbara Houseman

Paperback £16.99£13.59

Ebook £16.99£13.59

A Complete Voice Training Manual For Actors

A simple, step-by-step manual, written by an RSC voice coach, which offers everything that an actor needs to work on their voice. Suitable for actors at all levels, from students and young professionals to established and experienced actors. Drama teachers in schools and committed amateur actors who want to increase their vocal skills and understanding will also find it invaluable.

Includes sections on:
* Preparation
* Body Work
* Breathing and Support
* Breathing Into Sound: Supporting the Voice
* Releasing the Sound
* Filling out the Sound: Resonance
* Extending the Sound: Range
* Shaping the Sound: Articulation
* Trouble-Shooting.

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction, then clearly and succinctly sets out a sequence of relevant exercises - accompanied by simple diagrams - ending with a summary of what we have learned.

'Brilliantly guides the actor using exercises and tools that can revolutionise the voice. It's a boon!' Joseph Fiennes

'Barbara's work is simple and practical, encouraging each actor to be free and fluid with their own voice... Very inspiring' Emily Watson

'Barbara has a great understanding of the way that actors' anxieties can affect their voice. Her tone is calm, reassuring and good humoured' Niamh Cusack

Press Quotes

'It is hard to find a thorough, practical book on voice work that is not too technical for the average actor. Barbara Houseman has written one. Finding Your Voice is a sensible DIY voice book that is also sensitive and understanding of the actor's needs... a clear, no-nonsense approach... It is very hard to work on the voice from a book but Barbara Houseman has found a way to make it approachable and wholly possible'

British Voice Association
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback,256 pages ISBN: 9781854596598Publication Date:
15 Aug 2002
Size: 235mm x 153mm£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)
Ebook,256 pages ISBN: 9781780010427Publication Date:
23 Nov 2015
£16.99 £13.59You save £3.40 (20%)

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