Self Torture & Strenuous Exercise
Paperback, 233 pages ISBN: 9781559360364Publication Date:
1 Feb 1992
Size: 215mm x 136mm£13.99

Self Torture & Strenuous Exercise

By Harry Kondoleon

Paperback £13.99

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These plays are not only jet-black comedies. They are fairy tales, fables, passion plays, masquerades...

Harry Kondoleon's tragicomedies are peopled by extremists, their behaviour bizarre. And yet these curious characters are driven by the most familiar of passions; abandonment and betrayal define their pasts, shadow their present. They are needy and lonely and full of desire. They seek transcendence, and this impossible, fundamental longing takes forms both common and strange.

Includes Slacks and Tops (2f 3m); Christmas on Mars (2f 2m); The Vampires (3f 3m); Anteroom (4f 3m); Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise (2f 2m).

Press Quotes

'The strength from which all else flows is the passion for love, the unquenchable lust, the yearning for connection with the Other that defines the language and the form and the almost tropical feverishness of Kondoleon's plays'

Village Voice
Paperback,233 pages ISBN: 9781559360364Publication Date:
1 Feb 1992
Size: 215mm x 136mm£13.99
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