A Bright Room Called Day
Paperback, 183 pages ISBN: 9781559360784Publication Date:
1 Mar 1995
Size: 215mm x 137mm£14.99
First Staged:
Eureka Theatre, San Francisco 1987

A Bright Room Called Day

By Tony Kushner

Paperback £14.99

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From the author of Angels in AmericaA Bright Room Called Day was Kushner's first major play. Written against the backdrop of Reagan's America, it is a powerful portrayal of individual resolution in the face of political catastrophe.

The play follows a group of artists and political activists struggling to preserve themselves in 1930s Berlin as the Weimar Republic surrenders to the seduction of fascism. Often exquisitely lyrical, always exhilaratingly intelligent, the poetic world of the play moves beyond the bounds of historical reality with the morally outraged outpourings of a contemporary New York woman.

Paperback, 183 pages ISBN: 9781559360784Publication Date:
1 Mar 1995
Size: 215mm x 137mm£14.99

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