Robert Holman Plays: One
Paperback, 512 pages ISBN: 9781848428560Publication Date:
25 Jul 2019
Size: 198mm x 129mm£18.99 £15.19You save £3.80 (20%)
Ebook, 512 pages ISBN: 9781788501927Publication Date:
25 Jul 2019
£18.99 £15.19You save £3.80 (20%)

Robert Holman Plays: One

By Robert Holman

Paperback £18.99£15.19

Ebook £18.99£15.19

Robert Holman wrote plays of startling beauty, combining close observation of the way people behave with a thrilling and often fiercely uncompromising mastery of dramatic form. He is the playwright most admired by other playwrights. To Simon Stephens, he was, until Holman's death in 2021, 'My favourite living writer'.

Here, in this selection from Holman's first decade of playwriting, a monkey is taken for a French spy by an eighteenth-century fishing community; the inhabitants of a Greek island reside under the shadow of the atom bomb; and a group of lonely people converge on the North Yorkshire moors.

With an introduction written for this volume by Holman himself, Robert Holman Plays: One contains The Natural Cause (Cockpit Theatre, London, 1974), Mud (Royal Court Theatre, London, 1974), Other Worlds (Royal Court, 1983), Today (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1984) and The Overgrown Path (Royal Court, 1985).

'Holman's instinct for truth, and an unaffected ability to spot what's poignant in it, is what one remembers: that, and a paradoxical impression of spare richness, astringent abundance' The Times

Blog Post: 'The way my plays are written in the moment means that they will not be perfect. They can be strong because of the moment but also weak because of it. If I write a scene one morning it might be slightly different if I write it the next morning. It is down to luck, but I have learned more about the world from writing plays in this way than I have from anything else in life.' Robert Holman on writing plays. Read on>>

Extra Content: read a tribute to Robert Holman by publisher Nick Hern, following Holman's death in December 2021 at the age of 69.

Paperback,512 pages ISBN: 9781848428560Publication Date:
25 Jul 2019
Size: 198mm x 129mm£18.99 £15.19You save £3.80 (20%)
Ebook,512 pages ISBN: 9781788501927Publication Date:
25 Jul 2019
£18.99 £15.19You save £3.80 (20%)

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