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Refractions: Scenes
Paperback, 352 pages ISBN: 9781770919624Publication Date:
2 Dec 2021
Size: 204mm x 140mm£28.99

Refractions: Scenes

Edited by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and Yvette Nolan

Paperback £28.99

A collection of scenes from a wide range of contemporary works by Canadian playwrights, reflecting Canada's artistic landscape through a breadth of themes, styles, cultures, regions, and creative practices.

Refractions: Scenes is an essential anthology of Canadian playwriting, edited by two leading contemporary Canadian playwright/directors, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and Yvette Nolan.

This collection can be used both as a source for actors and students, or as a primer on diverse Canadian theatre and an entry point into new works.

Includes work by Carmen Aguirre, Reneltta Arluk, Leah Simone Bowen, George Boyd, Dionne Brand, Raes Calvert, Marjorie Chan, Marie Clements, Lisa Codrington, Carrie Costello, Mike Czuba, Michaela di Cesare, d-lishus, Audrey Dwyer, Joel Fishbane, Patti Flather, Linda Gaboriau, Ahmed Ghazali, Anosh Irani, Frances Koncan, Mishka Lavigne, Suvendrini Lena, Leonard Linklater, Daniel David Moses, Wajdi Mouawad, Colleen Murphy, Ciarán Myers, Sean Harris Oliver, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Christine Quintana, Anusree Roy, Rob Salerno, Bobby Theodore, Evan Tsitsias, Michaela Washburn, and David Yee.

Paperback,352 pages ISBN: 9781770919624Publication Date:
2 Dec 2021
Size: 204mm x 140mm£28.99
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