Truth in Play
Paperback, 208 pages ISBN: 9781770912724Publication Date:
22 Jan 2015
Size: 229mm x 179mm£24.99

Truth in Play

Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances

By Debbie Nyman and Jill Lloyd-Jones With David S. Craig

Paperback £24.99

A collection of short dramatic scenes, with learning activities and teaching strategies to accompany each one - everything a teacher needs to help students connect with the material and give a truthful performance.

Truth in Play: Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances is divided into three thematic sections - Truth in Heart, Truth in Adversity and Truth in Justice - each designed to engage students in a specific set of universal themes and issues, help them step inside the text and guide them towards empathising with the characters. The teaching material will help teachers to develop their students' understanding of motivations and feelings, enabling them to connect authentically with their characters in performance.

The book is aimed at those teaching English and Drama at secondary school level, and will also be invaluable to those working with youth drama groups as well as youth groups in general.

Authors Debbie Nyman and Jill Lloyd-Jones have a wealth of experience of drama teaching in Canada and have drawn on a wide range of Canadian plays to illustrate their work.

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Downloadable Extract Truth in Play extractTruthInPlay_Extract.pdf
Press Quotes

'Concise and clear... the extracts are varied and interesting'

Teaching Drama

'Refreshing... Each extract is economically contextualised and followed by ideas for exploring the major themes of the piece and realising it on stage. Some gutsy issues are delved into from first sexual encounters (both straight and gay), homelessness, racialism, postapocalyptic survival, mental illness and inter-generational cultural tensions. I particularly liked the duologue from Offensive Fouls and the relationship drawn between a young offender and his case worker in Tough Case'

Drama Magazine
Paperback,208 pages ISBN: 9781770912724Publication Date:
22 Jan 2015
Size: 229mm x 179mm£24.99

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