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Preface to Coriolanus
Paperback, 234 pages ISBN: 9781854591913Publication Date:
1 Nov 1993
Size: 160mm x 105mm£5.99 £4.79You save £1.20 (20%)

Preface to Coriolanus

By Harley Granville Barker

Paperback £5.99£4.79

The classic - and most practical - guide to Shakespeare’s major plays, available in separate, pocket-format volumes for use in study or rehearsal room. With a foreword by Richard Eyre.

'I regard Granville Barker not only as the first modern English director but as the most influential' Richard Eyre

'A deep and penetrating intelligence illuminates his observations, and they remain permanently relevant' Peter Brook

Paperback,234 pages ISBN: 9781854591913Publication Date:
1 Nov 1993
Size: 160mm x 105mm£5.99 £4.79You save £1.20 (20%)

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