Out of the Fringe
Paperback, 400 pages ISBN: 9781559361712Publication Date:
10 Jan 2000
Size: 227mm x 151mm£21.99

Out of the Fringe

Contemporary Latina/Latino Theatre & Performance

Edited by Caridad Svich and María Teresa Marrero

Paperback £21.99

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An anthology featuring ten of the most influential and prolific Latino theatre artists of recent years.

The works are diverse in style and structure - one acts, performance pieces, monologues and full plays - but all explore the theatrics of language, place and the individual with intensity and passion.

The collection includes:

Luis Alfaro - Straight as a Line
Nao Bustamente & Coco Fusco - Stuff
Migdalia Cruz - Fur
Nilo Cruz - Night Train to Bolina
Naomi Iizuka - Skin
Oliver Mayer - Ragged Time
Pedro Monge-Rafuls - Trash
Cherrie Moraga - The Hungry Woman: Mexican Medea
Monica Palacios - Greetings from a Queer Senorita
Caridad Svich - Alchemy of Desire / Dead Men's Blues.

Also included are individual statements by each author; introductions by editors Caridad Svich and María Teresa Marrero; and an essay on the European perspective by Maria M. Delgado.

Paperback,400 pages ISBN: 9781559361712Publication Date:
10 Jan 2000
Size: 227mm x 151mm£21.99

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