Innovation in Five Acts
Paperback, 240 pages ISBN: 9781559365116Publication Date:
10 Dec 2015
Size: 215mm x 140mm£22.00

Innovation in Five Acts

Strategies for Theatre and Performance

Edited by Caridad Svich

Paperback £22.00

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An inspirational sourcebook of innovative techniques for creating theatre, with contributions from experienced playwrights, directors, performers, teachers, dramaturgs, artistic directors and founders.

Editor Caridad Svich has gathered forty-one essays from admired theatre professionals in response to a call to write about 'artistic innovation'. Each of them shares the creative challenges and triumphs of developing original works for today's stages.

'With intelligence, thoughtfulness, rigor and wit, author after author offer their considered take on the subject, unlocking new perspectives, unearthing old ones, and in general, doing what artists do best when they are walking on ground they trust and among colleagues who are not sitting before them in continual and sometimes stultifying judgment--and that is, open our eyes, hearts and minds again.' Caridad Svich, from the Introduction

Contributors include: Ayad Akhtar; Deborah Asiimwe; Elaine Avila; Arthur Bartow; Gary D. Beckman; John Biguenet; Daniel Brunet; Leila Buck; Maddy Costa; Dominic D'Andrea; Pedro de Senna; Julie Felise Dubiner; Daniel Gallant; Michael John Garces; Anne Garcia-Romero; Jim Hart; David Herskovits; Rachel Jendrzejewski; John Jesurun; Mariana Carreno King; Zac Kline; Aaron Landsman; E.M. Lewis; Catherine Love; Oliver Mayer; Jeff McMahon; Emily Mendelsohn; John Moletress; Kali Quinn; Katie Pearl; Jeremy Pickard; Duska Radosavljevic; Ian Rowlands; Lisa Schlesinger; Howard Shalwitz; August Schulenburg; Mark Schultz; Andy Smith; Octavio Solis; Saviana Stanescu; Caridad Svich; Chris Wells; Heather Woodbury; Stephen Wrentmore

Paperback,240 pages ISBN: 9781559365116Publication Date:
10 Dec 2015
Size: 215mm x 140mm£22.00

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